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Candice Smith

CEO & Founder

I founded Caregiven so that no other daughter would feel as I did when caring for my Dad. At Caregiven we strive to see every caregiver, value their contributions, and lighten the weight they carry so that they spend less time overwhelmed, as I did, and have more meaningful time with their loved ones.

Campbell, Rebecca

Rebecca Campbell

CTO & Co-Founder

Caregiven is the app my siblings and I needed in the last several years of my mom’s life. She subtly needed more care during that time—care we didn’t always know how to give. I love working every day to make the caregiving journey easier for others.

Mitchell, Anthony

Anthony Mitchell

Chief Revenue Officer

Other loved ones have passed on, but honoring my mom is a driving force for my mission to make Caregiven and the solutions it provides available to caregivers all over the world.

Buzzell, Janelle

Janelle Buzzell

Finance Director

When my brother, early in recovery from a traumatic brain injury, asked me “What do people that don’t have you to help them do?” I realized just how vital a caregiver is in the recovery process. Ever since that moment I have sought a way to use what I learned when caring for my brother to help others.

Mass, Phil

Phil Mass

Lead Software Engineer

I enjoy writing software and knowing that my efforts help to reduce some of the stress and anxiety caregivers may feel. I am fortunate to work with the inspired and loving people at Caregiven.

Houck, Michele

Michele Houck

Marketing Director

In 2016 my life swiftly changed from executive to caregiver. My close knit family lost their lives to different cancers in a short span of 3 years. I provided care, love and managed their wishes which extended into adopting my niece and my dad's dog. Supporting caregivers is my focus and passion.

Matthews, Abby

Abby Matthews

Customer Experience

Suddenly facing multiple caregiving roles, memories of my mother’s strength and lifelong dedication to supporting loved ones not only helped me carry on but drives my dedication to improve every caregiver’s experience.


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Elizabeth Elfenbein

Caregiven Team & Advisors

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Karen Law

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Shawna Oliver-Kapp

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