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Are you a Caregiver?

If you have a role providing physical, social, emotional, or financial support to an adult loved one - a relative, a friend, or a neighbor - due to a physical, mental, age-related, or potentially life-limiting condition or disability, you are a Caregiver.

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The Caregiven App

Caregiven’s platform and mobile application promote engagement and a more meaningful connection between caregivers and their loved ones by offering clarity and providing support to help with caregiving challenges. Our products empower individuals to confidently and securely exchange vital information and help with the many decision-making processes while honoring the emotional needs of everyone involved.




Caregiven Features



Caregiven decreases administrative paperwork so that people have more meaningful time with their loved one. Knowing what documents are most important, where to get them, how to make and share decisions is overwhelming and complicated for families that are already experiencing the emotional and physical struggles of caring for a loved one. This feature embeds links and guides so that caregivers know what needs to be prepared at each stage of the care journey and by whom.


Care Circle

Caring for a loved one requires a collective effort. We help you create your Care Circle while each individual manages their specific user preferences. The Care Circle empowers everybody to show up as their true authentic self to contribute to their loved one's care and nurturing.

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Trusted Guidance

Caregiven offers individuals curated guidance and advice much like any in-person care navigator. But ours is through an interactive platform. Users get tailored support from subject matter experts across all touch-points in a care journey: medical, legal, financial, logistical, familial, emotional, and legacy. This advice is based on chatbot interactions, a comprehensive understanding of where the family is within the care journey, and the individual's stated needs. The resulting trusted guidance helps people feel more confident in their care role and make the most of their time and professional support.



Coordinating services and appointments and managing logistics amongst all caregivers can be the most time-consuming and frustrating parts of the caregiving role. The stress of figuring all this out contributes to carer overwhelm and burnout. Caregiven’s appointment feature enables clear communication among all involved. It serves as a secure and convenient place to keep everyone in the Care Circle - both informal and professional - engaged through proactive reminders, messaging, and the single-point sharing of notes and updates.


Caring Roadmap

Every care journey is unique, but that does not mean there are not shared emotions or milestones that every family will face. Caregiven has identified these moments to create a roadmap that we use to help people recognize what they will need to know and when they need to know it. As a result, many of the unknowns become known, and families can make decisions proactively.



Often, individuals put the needs of caring for another before their own, which is very true of those caring for a loved one. Some carers report positive outcomes such as closer relationships, greater appreciation of life, increased empathy, and a positive self-view. Many can also experience anxiety, depression, and a decline in quality of life. You must look after your own physical and mental health every day so you can continue to provide the support and compassion your loved one needs. Caregiven guides and supports carer wellbeing without making it another expectation.


Empathy-Driven Design

Secure and easy to use mobile application

Providing the structure and guidance you need to confidentially manage the care journey of a loved one.



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The Carers Impact

Most caregiving is provided by caregivers - the informal or unpaid individual who rises to the occasion to care for someone in need. These heroic humans are estimated to spend an average of 32.5 hours per week providing care compared with an assumed 5 hours of weekly care for non-primary carers. Calculating the value of informal carers is a step towards recognizing their contributions and opening a dialogue on how to best support these carers to enhance their utilization in the workforce market and well-being outcomes

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Maintain Financial Sustainability

Caregivers who understand their options and available resources have lower out-of-pocket spending as well as having decreased borrowing against their own financial future.



Reduced Hospitalizations

Care recipients with an engaged caregivers are 50% less likely to be admitted to hospital.


Stay at Home Longer

Loved ones are able to remain living independently and delay care facility placement by more than 20 months. 

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Increased Social Connectedness

When supported, employees with caregiver obligations are less likely to be absent. This support also positively influences their behaviors, social connectedness, and workforce engagement on their health status.

"Stressed out family caregivers don't have the time to sift through the existing islands of online information trying to find answers and support.  They need a unique caregiver app like Caregiven that meets a family caregiver at that "aperture" moment.  An app that holds their hand and guides them to the right support and solutions. This app is a game-changer in helping families to navigate the complex and overwhelming caregiver landscape." 

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Board Chair for the Caregiver Action Network

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